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About Us

Asaiia is an athleisure brand that thrives on empowering women to feel vibrantly alive. We are devoted to women; to those who celebrate their humanity instead of seeking perfection. We adore your body, we honor your temple, and we strive to unleash your ability to relish and embrace it- just as it is.

Our sleek and feminine styles create the ideal outfit that meets the modern-day woman’s need for versatility. Whether you’re hitting your favorite barre class, running errands around the city, or grabbing a casual lunch, Asaiia will make sure you feel and look your best at all times.

Take us everyWEAR as you mix, match, and layer our pieces with your favorite everyday wardrobe staples to create the perfect chic on-the-go look.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to accompany you throughout all those small but significant moments.


   You get up and don't know what to wear.

   You go to buy a coffee to wake you up.

   You bump into the boy you like at the gym.

   You go to yoga to forget the outside world.

   You explore a new city jogging.

   You get on a plane to go conquer the world.

   You arrive to college for the first time.

   You win the match you’ve always dreamed of.

   They ask you to marry them in the middle of paradise.

   You embark on an endless walk.

   You find out that you are going to be a mother.

   You bring a person to the world.

   You prepare lunch for the whole family.

   You take your daughter to her first day of school.

   You go Christmas shopping for your loved ones

   They give you the job of your dreams.

   You get lost in a book.

   You toast with a good wine.